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Four Pepper BlendFour Pepper Blend
Four Pepper Blend
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Hatch Valley GreenHatch Valley Green
Hatch Valley Green
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Dark & SmokyDark & Smoky
Dark & Smoky
Sale priceFrom $7.95
I Can't Feel My FaceI Can't Feel My Face
I Can't Feel My Face
Sale price$19.95
Sweet HeatSweet Heat
Sweet Heat
Sale priceFrom $8.45
Smoke ShowSmoke Show
Smoke Show
Sale price$13.95
Asian RedsAsian Reds
Asian Reds
Sale price$8.95
BBQ RUB - Dark&SmokyBBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky
BBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky
Sale price$8.95
Green GhostGreen Ghost
Green Ghost
Sale price$13.95
Flatiron Chile Pepper GrinderFlatiron Chile Pepper Grinder
4 Pack Combo4 Pack Combo
4 Pack Combo
Sale price$33.95
5 Pack Combo5 Pack Combo
5 Pack Combo
Sale price$48.95
SuperHot Combo PackSuperHot Combo Pack
SuperHot Combo Pack
Sale price$43.95
The Works ComboThe Works Combo
The Works Combo
Sale price$69.95
Ghost Pepper - Roasted Garlic - Toasted OnionGhost Pepper - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion
Jalapeno - Roasted Garlic - Toasted OnionJalapeno - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion
Chipotle - Roasted Garlic - Toasted OnionChipotle - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion
To-Go Packets (15 for $5)
To-Go Packets (15 for $5)
Sale price$5.00
Gift Card
Gift Card
Sale priceFrom $10.00