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Have you ever wondered how "red pepper" flakes became a staple on every pizza place in the world? Some believe the tradition started in the southern region of Italy known as Calabria, and slowly made its way to the US as Italians immigrated in the early 1900's.

Calabria is an agriculturally rich area in the southern "boot" of Italy. This area is known for producing world class Olives, lemon-citron, figs, porcini mushrooms, peaches, licorice, and of course chile peppers. These chile peppers are short and stout and develop an amazing fruity and savory flavor as they're left on the vine to mature. They have a fairly low scoville heat rating of 15-35k and are absolutely delicious on a slice of pizza. 

In all of our blends, we like to show how complimentary flavors from different kinds of chile peppers can create a more dynamic and balanced flavor profile. But if you must use a single ingredient "red pepper" flake, this is the one you want.

We hope you enjoy,

Mike & Matt

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