What We Stand For

Flavor First, Heat Second - Everyone knows that chile peppers have heat, but we want to show you what a wide variety of flavor they have as well. Some have a citrus aroma, others a natural smokiness, and by blending them together we can create dynamic flavor profiles while only using chile peppers.

No Fillers Or Additives, Just The Good Stuff - We're tired of seeing spice blends, rubs, and hot sauces advertise a product with a chile pepper on the front of the label, only to read the ingredient list on the back, and find out the chile pepper advertised is actually the 4th or 5th ingredient! It's usually after salt and sugar! Listen, we love salt and sugar, but they're some of the least expensive ingredients you can find. We want to sell the good stuff, you can add the salt and sugar to your own taste so you can control the portion! Chile peppers are always first for us, anything else is just a supporting ingredient.

Exceptional Customer Service - We started this company because we genuinely loved the product and felt an obligation to have others try something we enjoyed so much. Every customer is a friend who we're excited to share our peppers with, and we want that to come through with every interaction. If we mess something up, we'll make it right, quickly and without headache. Please give us your feedback, share your pictures, and tell us how to improve!

Our Story

Flatiron Pepper Co was founded in Colorado by Matt and Mike, two co-workers and pizza fanatics. While eating at a local pizza joint during lunch, we wondered, "what kind of pepper is a red pepper flake anyway?" and "Do they have to taste like this?". We soon discovered that "red peppers" could be a wide variety of different chiles, and the specific pepper within the shaker was usually unknown. We started to question why there was so little care given to the flavor and freshness of pepper flakes? After all, they're the first thing to hit your tastebuds when you bite into a pizza slice!

So, we started developing pepper flake blends that mixed a variety of different chiles together, looking to achieve distinct flavor and heat profiles. Each of our products has its own unique character, and we show you exactly what's in each bottle.

Flatiron chooses the absolute best and most flavorful chile peppers from around the world, ensuring that each blend delivers plenty of heat and a burst of fresh flavor with each shake. We focus on flavor first and heat second while only using chile flakes within our blends. Never any salt or other additives.

Try them on Pizza, stir-fry, pasta, steak, or any other dish that needs to make an impression.

Mike and Matt

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