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I Can't Feel My Face

Product image 1I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 2I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 3I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 4I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 5I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 6I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 7I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 8I Can't Feel My Face
Product image 9I Can't Feel My Face

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First, we didn't really start this company with the intent of making super hot, face melting pepper products. But, after many requests from our customers, we discovered that these ultra hot peppers have so much more than just heat. They all have a unique and incredible flavor that accompanies their intense heat. In all of our products, we want to make sure there is an equal amount of flavor AND heat.

We named this blend "I can't feel my face" because one of us (I won't name who) lost feeling in their face as we struggled through the intense burn this blend brings. The blend consists of Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, and Habanero. These are some of the hottest peppers on earth! The Reaper and Habanero bring a certain fruitiness that is quickly followed by intense heat, while the Scorpion and Ghost carry a smokier essence. The result is a sweet and smoky firestorm that is sure to kick up any dish of your choosing. We think you'll find quite a few practical applications given the robust flavor that it brings.

Please use with caution. These chiles are extremely spicy and have an extremely high Scoville Heat Rating, a little goes a long way.

The Scoville Heat Rating for this blend is 750k+ 

Thank you for allowing us to share our peppers with you!
Mike and Matt





Earth Kosher Certified

Gluten Free



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